North Dakota finalizing therapeutic cannabis rules

South Dakota's more forward-looking neighbor to the north is growing interest in cannabis as therapy.

North Dakota voters passed Measure 5 in 2016 and this year the legislature drafted rules then a Republican governor signed it into law.

The North Dakota Department of Health, Division of Medical Marijuana has received more than a hundred letters of intent to apply to be either a grower or a dispensary.

Instead of a profit motive North Dakota's future 'compassion centers' empower providers with a more patient-centered model. So far, two growers with a thousand plant limit each and eight dispensaries are allowed in the state. The department has the authority to increase that number as demand swells.

Labs are being sought to ensure the medication is free of contaminants and will be packaged in containers that minimize its appeal to minors.

Administrative rules are expected to be finalized within a fortnight.

North Dakota is one of several red states where drugs synthesized from Afghanistan's opium poppies are taking a toll on residents. Montana and New Mexico are both considering adding cannabis to state patient care guidelines as an alternative to prescription drugs.

University of New Mexico researchers and the Industrial Rehabilitation Clinics of Albuquerque have released findings that showed 71% of patients either ceased or reduced their use of manufactured opioids within 6 months of enrolling in that state's medical cannabis program.

Even the conservative Rapid City Journal sees the future of cannabis.

God might not be enough for northern tier religious states: they lead the nation in anti-depressant use.

Unfortunately, in further outrage, the Trump Organization wants to compel states to release cannabis patient information to the federal government.

Researchers and pharmacologists agree: cannabis is a safe and effective palliative.

As another brutal winter begins its descent on the Great Plains leaving residents on the verge of suicide this writer still sees some hope for the frozen tundra.

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larry kurtz said...

Update, 1 September, 0703 MDT: Seven out-of-state labs have applied to test North Dakota therapeutic cannabis as activists in South Dakota say they have been buoyed by Measure 7's overwhelming passage. More from Leafly.