Bandidos, Vagos expected to bring feud, human trafficking to Sturgis®

A 2015 shootout in Waco, Texas resulted in the deaths of and injuries to several members of motorcycle clubs encouraged by a law enforcement industry that benefits from programs like Policing for Profit. Cops usually just turn away from the misery of forced prostitution that often plies kidnap victims to become playthings for abusive men.

The same is the case during the Sturgis Rally where girls as young as ten are bought and sold like methamphetamine, Wild Turkey or souvenir t-shirts.

Thanks to selective enforcement white thugs have carte blanche to commit flagrant criminal acts during the Rally. A long history of lawlessness can make the event highly virulent attracting common parasites who breed in the cesspools of human existence.
Santa Fe police have arrested a man in a motorcycle-gang shooting that led to a lockdown of Christus St. Vincent Regional Medical Center. But police are not releasing the names of either the suspect or the man who was wounded Saturday. Police say the victim, a member of the Vagos Motorcycle Club, could become a target of rival Bandidos Motorcycle Club members if his name became public. [Santa Fe New Mexican]
Gangs of armed men with mental illnesses and addictions to meth power their way into western South Dakota every year; and, accepted outlaw biker cultures routinely traffic in illicit behaviors that would otherwise be subject to legal interdiction.

But, a red moocher state like South Dakota is powered by sin: video lootery, a loan shark industry that preys on the least fortunate and a too-big-to-jail banking racket fill in the gaps created by lobbyists who enjoy the protection of single-party tyranny. Desperate to pay off those who benefit the entrenched Republican establishment criminals have a champion sitting as attorney general.

Marty Jackley has proved his commitment to his political party while ignoring the plights of those living at the margins of South Dakota society and lives to reap the spoils of those exploits. His minions are going through the motions of pretending to care about order during the Rally even as the state plots the financial gains from rape and plunder.

The Sons of Silence, Bandidos and Hells Angels control organized crime in the Black Hills area where members have infiltrated nearly every community even operating Rapid City's Cornerstone Rescue Mission as a front for their activities. The Bandidos have a fortified compound in Rapid Valley and the Hells Angels own many properties in the area including the Cottonwood in Spearfish.

As hypocrisy reigns supreme at the highest levels of power in South Dakota residents will endure another Sturgis Rally where this year fewer attendees will spend an average of a thousand dollars each so the sitting governor can crow about his leadership and self-reliance while moral hazards pay the bills.

Crimes are what the other guy does but in South Dakota during the Rally nobody cares.

Costs to South Dakota's law enforcement industry cut into whatever profits the state enjoyed from selectively arresting those "docile" offenders.

That's why cops' lives suck. Little wonder LEOs abuse their families, alcohol, drugs, food, power, detainees and occasionally murder their wives.

So, hats off to those who resist the drunken social engineering white people employ while defiling He Sapa!

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Anonymous said...

Don't forget, if caught in the trafficking using the merchandise, SD doesn't exactly prosecute the users that handed money over for the girl's.
Basically you can pay, use and get a scolding then go home........