Casita nearly enclosed

Front elevation, image shot from south. Underneath that tarp is about half of the roof foam and OSB; the other portion is inside the building. I buried the vigas in the parapet wall because neighbor Phil reminded this builder that as the vigas shrank and cracked there is no way to stop water from penetrating the adobe wall. Additional mortar will go into the viga bays, the adobes will be scrubbed and stucco applied.

Northeast elevation.

Northwest elevation. Some of the last adobes being laid are going between the vigas today. Progress development here, here, here and here.


Duffer said...

Kurtz Trading Post . . . . looking good there

larry kurtz said...

Thanks, Duff; but it's destined to be an AirBnB for Our Lady of the Arroyo. The bad news is the PNM transmission line and Las Tres Hermanas is a trio of pylons on an easement that turn the line 90 degrees to avoid going across the Santo Domingo Pueblo. I have avoided including that in all the photos.