Told you so: South Dakota voters least anchored to reality

South Dakota Republicans have succeeded in making voting in the state a fool's errand.

interested party has suspected this for a long time but seeing it in graphic detail is somewhat gratifying.

Diana Popa from WalletHub has this blog on her media list. She sent me some of her latest findings:
Hi Larry,

With WalletHub’s National Voter Representation Index being at 87 percent and very different demographic groups leaning toward Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, the personal-finance website WalletHub today released its report examining the States with the Best & Worst Representation on Election Day.

Worst Overall Representation: 50 South Dakota (73.10%)
Worst Racial Representation: 50 South Dakota (41.84%)
Chelsea Clinton just spoke to an enthusiastic audience at Augustana University in Sioux Falls.
"When you're more informed you're more likely to vote." said Government Assistant Professor at Augustana University, Emily Wanless. Wanless also says being unfamiliar with what's at stake in elections and a lack of interest have a negative affect to turnout. "Younger voters are less educated and so again it all ties back to that informational level and if you feel comfortable discussing issues and make a choice you are more likely to vote," added Wanless. [South Dakota last in "represented voters," KOTA teevee]
Bob Mercer is reporting that South Dakota Democrats are taking my advice and registering in the earth hater party. Even longtime Democrats are seeing the futility of open primaries.

Primaries are expensive and allow far too much mischief: since turnout is so pathetic especially during midterms the drain-circling South Dakota Democratic Party should end them and choose candidates at the state conventions.

Stupid state. Flee now before Republicans put up a wall and make you pay for it.


Anonymous said...

What do you think of Jay Williams performance in the debates so far?

I am pleasantly surprised! Jay really has nothing to lose so he might as well hit all the points and attack and attack! He can easily call Thune out on the hypocrisy and being a wasted seat in the Senate. He is making that empty suit uncomfortable. It's too bad the SD Democratic party is such wreck. I'd love to see Williams have far more support.

Will Trump be a political down ticket boat anchor and the Dems retake the House and Senate?

Will the GOP split into new parties?

The scary part is that Trump and his family could relocate their operations to South Dakota and it would not be long and he hailed as a hero by the SDGOP and their organizations like Family Heritage Alliance as long as he worked the system. Sanford has more money and more facilities named after him but Trump would probably do his best to do the same.

larry kurtz said...

After watching some of the KELO teevee debate last night we learned that Williams is a nutcase but Thune is a crook. Down ticket are being affected by Trump's nomination and i wholly expect us to retake the Senate. After the GOP is destroyed we Dems will tackle our own foibles.