Wednesday, June 1, 2016

La Casita de las Tres Hermanas coming out of the ground

Footings are poured for La Casita de las Tres Hermanas. Slab is next then adobes. The pad sits on about eighty cubic yards of New Mexico earth moved in the bucket of the Kubota from lower on the property.

It's pretty easy to feel the five thousand plus years of human history etched into this New Mexico formation across the arroyo from La Casita.

Red racer: long, sleek and shiny but bummer pixelated image.

Rose-breasted grosbeak through porch screen

Our Lady of the Arroyo took this shot of a lazuli bunting at the feeder through the porch screen. Nice, huh?


Duffer said...

allright . . . . . . . DIY reality-show now here too. Mine your future for HGTV Dude. Will you be adding on a greenhouse? Ha!

larry kurtz said...

Security for a greenhouse up there would be iffy, Duff; but, we are thinking about one in the garden down at headquarters.

Anonymous said...

Nice photos! I'm in the process of turning my back yard into a large pollinator haven with native flowers and planting Milkweed along with my organic veggie & herb garden.

Do you feel there are still pedophile priests serving in South Dakota? I suspect there is one but with no confirmation yet. 3 Parish Board members met privately with then Bishop Carlson to express their concerns over a particular priest in their parish. Carlson said he would get back to them. He never did. Those three who were active in their parish with young children and donated quite a bit of time and money left the church in disgust and are now Lutherans.

Reaching out to the adult children & relatives whos parents I graduated with and suspect committed suicide as a residual result of rampant abuse that occurred at a Catholic school in SD. After years of burying that experience might be able to get remaining victims together and bring this to light. The stat of limitations has long passed unfortunately.

Keep that garden watered with plenty of gas for the pump. Would a solar pump work? Affordable?

South Dakota Escapee

larry kurtz said...

Thank you for your thoughts. South Dakota truly is the Land of Infinite Villainy.