South Dakota Democratic Party adopted much of the kurtz cannabis template

Update, further reading has revealed that McSweeney has been an advocate for cannabis rights for at least a decade.


Following the lead of the national party the South Dakota Democratic Party adopted parts of the kurtz template at their state convention in Sioux Falls.

Author: Kristina McSweeney
in Support of Marijuana Legalization
Whereas: South Dakota law prohibits the possession and usage of marijuana, and
Whereas: The existing South Dakota marijuana laws violate the commitment to
meeting every individual's basic human rights to promote respect for diverse
lifestyles and viewpoints and to live in a community without fear of discrimination,
Whereas: The
medical benefits of marijuana would help countless South Dakotans
who suffer from Glaucoma, Parkinson’s Disease, seizure disorders, multiple
sclerosis, chronic pain, various psycho
physiological disorders, and many other
conditions, and
Whereas: The existi
ng marijuana laws inhibit economic growth and opportunity,
and now therefore be it
Resolved: That the South Dakota Democratic Party supports regulation and
taxation of marijuana in a man
ner similar to that of alcohol, and be it
Further Resolved: That the South
Dakota Democratic Party urges state and federal
governments to implement a plan to provide for the safe and affordable distribution
of marijuana to all medical marijuana patients, and be it
Further Resolved: That the South Dakota Democratic Party support
s the
legalization of industrial hemp which can be grown and used to produce renewable
food, oil, wax, resin, rope, cloth, paper, and fuel in support of a sustainable full
employment society.

Read it all here.

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