Rounds brother suffering from his own nepotism

Steve Rounds enjoys an unusual 30-year lease on land managed by a state agency. Rounds got the lease to the Oahe Marina from South Dakota Game, Fish and Plunder while his brother was governor and while his banker, Larry Deiter was at the state Division of Insurance.
Eventually, Game, Fish and Parks officials cited safety concerns as a reason not to allow the temporary expansion of spearfishing on Lake Sharpe. "It blew me away," Rounds said of the 2014 decision. Allowing game fish spearing above the Waldron bridge requires a resolution from the Game, Fish and Parks Commission, not a new rule. Rounds will need to submit a formal, written request to the commission asking for the temporary change. The commission then would put the request on the agenda for its August meeting in Pierre.
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In South Dakota conservative means never having to apologize for your dependence on subsidies or for being on the state's dole.

I’m not exactly sold on concessionaires using the always awful “Dear Friends” generic letter for something like this. I think it would be more important to personalize and point out how your views align with the organization. Or better yet, speak to the organization you want to raise hundreds or thousands from, and let them make the call for support.

What do you think?

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