Cannabis lawyers posted at SD NORML

South Dakota's cannabis laws are among the most repressive in the US because Republicans are evil and use the prison system to incarcerate instead of funding education.

The legislature subsidizes 66 county seats and their bureaucracies because it's more conservative than funding health care.

Both the South Dakota Democratic Party and the SD Libertarian Party are campaigning on the reform of the state's Janklovian cannabis laws. However, the District 3 Democratic Senate candidate is a dry drunk and incapable of compassion.
We get about two calls a week from folks who got busted in South Dakota for violations of South Dakota's unconscionable "drug" laws. Most have been stopped for having west-coast license plates (apparently an uncodified violation in SoDak). Most have already said way too much to the arresting officer. Most call for legal advice. Our experience leaves us aghast at the lack of outrage among defense lawyers at the injustice perpetrated by the courts' acceptance of lies and illegal actions performed by arresting officers, as well as the barbaric nature of South Dakota law.
A list of attorneys is posted here.

Matt Kinney represented Republican former Butte County State's Attorney Heather Plunkett after she was busted on a trumped up, politically motivated cannabis case.

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