Poppy Bush directed JFK assassination

I'm afraid for American democracy.

While the men (and women) behind some of the biggest crimes against humanity still not only evade justice but live under government protection replete with golden parachutes, their spawn, Jeb Bush and Liz Cheney, spin the revolving door of politics.

Anyone who believes the GOP and Paul Ryan wouldn't whack President Obama and Vice President Biden to ascend to the White House is delusional.

If i could go back in time i'd kill baby Prescott Bush.


Anonymous said...

Stay ON them, LK. The Kockh bros. were right in there! I want to get those bastards on a lie detector!


larry kurtz said...

i should confess that tokarski put me on this path.

Anonymous said...

Actually, LK, Buttinski didn't know SHTI until I educated him on the matter. I suggested that he read JFK and the Unspeakable, which he did. And then, he saw that a distant cousin of his had written for that book. Hell, Buttinski still thought that the mafia did it until I educated him. Don't be too impressed with ol' marco retard, he really is a lightweight. Ask him straight up what got him started. He'll tell you. Of course he hates to admit it, but it was me.


larry kurtz said...

i'm poking him at lizard's place right now!