Saturday, August 1, 2015

Blue Widow powers 3744 mile road trip

Peaceful Herbs on the historic Santa Fe Trail in Trinidad was the first stop in Colorado and Blue Widow was my first legal purchase of cannabis since that state boldly went where few have gone before.

Colorad(o)ans are allowed to buy a full ounce but out-of-staters only able to buy seven grams. While it is not as potent as some grown locally in New Mexico the flavor is unsurpassed. The $89 price and hefty taxes brought the bill to $103.

The RV keeping a couple safe from the elements proceeded north through the panhandle of Nebraska and into the dangerous Jackley-booted occupied Black Hills. Cannabis on board, Hot Springs hosted walks through the Veterans Administration complex, the Pioneer Museum and the Mammoth Site: a test of possession in several jurisdictions.

But, it was not until entering Mount Rushmore National Monument Memorial (thanks, Duff!) that personal rights became discordantly clear. A lone wolf with a German accent pulled my companion aside and asked her to shoot a picture of him standing in front of The Shrine of Hypocrisy. Yes, he calmly took our photo, too. No, she did not see the Glock strapped to his hip and knew nothing of it until after I hustled her out of there expecting him to open fire on the amassed throng of tourists as we fled. That he has the right to carry and I do not just feels wrong.

A loop through Badlands National Park and a couple of nights at Oakwood Lakes State Park near Bruce were very pleasant. One night spent in Iowa City led to our easternmost point at Crawfordsville, Indiana where we spent several days.

Although this blogger hadn't even looked at a computer for a week yesterday was one of the best days for this forum in some time.

South Dakota's earth hater blogger even sent a mess of traffic and although the why is mysterious no doubt it was for nefarious reasons. He ridiculed former Ambassador and US Senator, George McGovern, for having children with one woman while being married to another (a feat even this reporter has accomplished) while touting South Dakota's morbidly obese First Lady for being a good breeder.

One story that keeps circling my brain is Donald Trump's ascent within the earth hater party where he has the national GOP over a barrel: hilarious in a Larry Pressler kind of way.


Duffer said...

Been running under the impression everything in southern CO was still "medical" only. I see some loosening taking place around Grand Junction too - but still not the town itself. Say one thing for 'em . . . rednecks die hard.

BTW . . . . Rount Mushmore is a (Memorial), not Monument. You were really pushing your luck there - and at all NPS sites really. All jack-boots there have been to FLETC in Georgia. No sense of humor whatsoever. Mere presence of a VW bus is probable cause.

larry kurtz said...

Thanks,Duff: now corrected but tweet will have to live on.

There was a volunteer ranger there who read eighteen horrible and jingoistic little poems through a grant from a local slush fund, the Mount Rushmore Society. Keystone was a zoo, too as was the Mammoth Site. If the feds would have popped me it would have brought me great pleasure but Jacklow and his filthy little minions scare the hell out of me.

Always good to have company.

Anonymous said...

Your unable to carry a firearm because you have a felony and the German does not here in the US?

larry kurtz said...

You're, not your. I have never been convicted of a felony and can open carry a firearm if I wanted to look like a paranoid asshole.