Noem sleeping with the ones who brung her

Hey, Tory Troy Jones, you hapless sot: my confirmation name was John to honor the 35th President and the 23rd pope with that handle.

If Tike Mike Rounds says DC is dysfunctional he should know: he's a pro at dysfunction.
No, Aaron Schock is not gay but he is as corrupted as South Dakota's At-large Representative is.
South Dakota Rep. Kristi Noem on Tuesday said a proposed $10 million economic-recovery grant would help the Rapid City, Pierre & Eastern Railroad continue to improve its rail lines in the state.
Read more about GOP hypokristi here.

Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway gave Noem $10,000 last cycle and Union Pacific gave her 2,500 simoleons.

What a fucking surprise.

$12,500 for $10 million: good pimping.

Noem is famous for sleeping with the enemies of the good and a known philanderer.

How desperate is John Thune to hide his shitty record? He's hired a Pandering Pig to squeal out his message.

Big Government is when it helps the little guy but when it greases Republican donors it's essential services.

So, i have two popes on SDGOP squish, Jones: Pius XII blessed the rosary in my hands at Vatican City just weeks before the war criminal died in October of 1958: the year we went to the Worlds Fair in Brussels because nothing says Big Government like the United States Air Force.

Democrats = safe. Republicans = cheap.

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