Senator Johnson blasts Gov. Daugaard, Pierre

Where to start?

South Dakota's governor Dennis Daugaard says he's a conservative; yet, he has begged for billions from the Obama administration and stuffed his war chest. His predecessor's office where he was lieutenant governor and his current bureaucracy have trafficked Native kids, exploited the federal EB-5 green card scam, and is quietly expanding a Medicaid safety net for those not yet voting for his party. A former legislator insisting she is even farther to his right has threatened to run against him in a GOP gubernatorial primary.

Recall the hopeful piece in the Mitchell Daily Republic where Tom Lawrence reported to readers that Tim Johnson isn't slowing down.
U.S. Senator Tim Johnson, D-S.D., visited the recently opened Aberdeen Community Health Center. “Thanks to the president, they have committed themselves to building more and more community health centers for the lower income people,” Johnson said. He said he hopes for the continuation of more community health care centers being built. “They tell me Huron and Aberdeen have been doing very well; I hope that they continue to pick up the slack,” Johnson said. One of the challenges in Pierre has been with the lack of an expansion of Medicaid. “It is a real problem, as I understand it,” Johnson said. “There’s hope, they tell me, but it doesn’t look good so far,” Johnson said. [Annie King, Johnson speaks about health care needs]
Remember the Republican governor who let the Homestake fill with water, built a sex industry and presided over the highest crime rates in the US?
It’s a more straightforward case, except that the presumptive Republican nominee, Gov. Mike Rounds, has been caught up in a controversy over the state’s participation in the EB-5 immigration visa program. To have much of a chance, Democrats will either need Rounds to lose the Republican primary or be significantly damaged by it. [Nate Silver]
Mike Rounds=Todd Akin? Ouch.

The former South Dakota earth hater governor is hardly universally liked, even among members of his own party. David Montgomery reminds readers of the Sioux Falls Argus Leader:
“There are a lot of people that are discouraged, in a sense, from the way Gov. Rounds spent his time in Pierre,” said state Rep. Manny Steele, R-Sioux Falls. “I’ve heard other conservatives talking, and would tend to agree, Mr. Rounds has a pretty good spending history — he likes to build government and likes to spend money,” said Mike Mueller, president of South Dakota Citizens for Liberty, a Rapid City-based tea party group.
Rounds is running in the earth hater primary: a bid to buy the seat now held by Senator Johnson.

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