Blogger Powers admits task too much to bear

American oligarchs who are members of the Church of the Holy Roman Kiddie Diddlers are having a cow: Pope Frank is on their case.

Former legislator, pious Catholic, and one of the richest men in South Dakota, Lee Schoenbeck confessed in the online edition of South Dakota Magazine:
Through the sponsorship of organizations like Avera, Tessier’s and Muth Electric, the hunter’s registration fees and proceeds of the banquet auction, the Bishop’s Hunt generates funds. Initially the funds went to the support of the Catholic elementary school in Huron, and later the general mission of the Catholic Foundation. More recently, the funds have had a more focused purpose.
Not surprisingly, Schoenbeck sits on the board of the Catholic Foundation and represents the diocese as legal counsel.

Schoenbeck is considering a run for South Dakota's politburo against sitting members of his own party.

Makes you want to puke, doesn't it?

Accusing others of dirty tricks he adds anonymous comments to his blog, dishes it out but can't take it: is Pat throwing in the towel?

Pat Powers is morbidly obese, now the load on his health is taking its toll:
You know, I’m shameless when it comes to candidate and VIP photos. But after I get them, I always think I look terrible in them. Case in point, one I just got today from a few months back. It was a good event, and Mike was an excellent speaker. But I look at myself, and go “yuck." Maybe I’m as hypercritical of myself as I’ve ever been, and just hate photos of myself because it amplifies it, as I’m doing so today as I choose an official “Realtor” photo, and find myself rejecting most of them. Anyway, here’s a picture of US Senate candidate Mike Rounds and myself. (At least the guy on the left looks good).--Pat Powers, South Dakota War Toilet.
I should have had this out there earlier today, but I’m as sick as a dog, and wishing someone would put me out of my misery.
His wish, my psalm.

Mike Rounds=Todd Akin? Ouch.

Talk about damning with faint praise.


Anonymous said...

I often wonder who would ever buy a house from Powers or take financial advice from Jones.

larry kurtz said...

Pat is an auctioneer, Troy came from money: they've known each other since childhood and were altar boys in the same parish.