SD legislators who laughed at hurricane victims now want drought relief; AG Jackley aiding and abetting human trafficking

As commenter, "Dave," asked at South Dakota Politics:
"What would be the reaction to letting a Muslim group use an alternate oath, develop collectivist farms or businesses, and compete vigorously against family agriculture?"
Not Hutterites, but FLDS. From the Rapid City Journal:
A secretive religious group linked to national cases of polygamy and the marriage of underage girls may be expanding to the Edgemont area, and there may be little Fall River County officials can do. The property in question was part of the estate of Buddy Heck and was left to Doris Seabeck and to Carolyn Fines. Seabeck is Heck’s sister and is the personal representative of his estate. Seabeck signed the purchase agreement, which is being contested by Fines in the courts. The commissioners said that as Carolyn Fines is state’s attorney Lance Russell’s mother, there may be some conflict of interest on the county’s part.
Just wow....

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