Killer drones nearly operational from EAFB

Update, 0900 MST, 14 November: Drone pilots bored out their minds.

South Dakota's junior senator, earth hater John Thune, trumpeted success after prostituting stolen Lakota ground by bringing the current heavens-based smart-executor of civilian death, the Predator drone, to Ellsworth Air Force Base, cementing the continued commitment of South Dakotans to rain white phosphorus and dismemberment on children, women, and men of color for decades to come.
Ellsworth’s new mission of remotely piloting unmanned aerial vehicles, or drones, will be under way by the end of the year, Weatherington said. Ellsworth airmen will control the MQ-9 Reaper from South Dakota as it flies reconnaissance or tactical strikes overseas. --Holly Meyer, Rapid City Journal.
Rapid City sez: fuck you, Mr. President; but, thanks for the dough.

Smoking gun: antibiotics in cattle waste creating superbugs and stunting fungal communities essential to forest health.


PsychoanalyzeThis said...

Hey, great job on the shit site...keep up the horrible work!

Here's some food for though...did you ever think about what would happen if we didn't have the military presence that we have? You'd probably be singing a completely different tune. In fact, I'd bet on it.

larry kurtz said...

Thanks for coming by: stay radioactive and have a nice day!

Duffer said...

Just finished a book on theoretical physics. After reading this bs from Psycho . . . I'm a believer - it ain't just theory: Some folks reside in alternate reality.

Like (Bree) responding to Cory the other day about being cool with bombing Iran (because they deserve it).

Wow, just wow.

larry kurtz said...

Generals and weapons procurement: obscenity incarnate.