EPA warns Iowa on livestock runoff, SD next

Mentally ill Sioux Falls ALEC legislator, Lora Hubbel is calling for the secession from the US after her party has participated in the gang rape of South Dakota aquifers and watersheds.

On the heels of research that overwhelmingly proves that antibiotics in cattle waste are destroying ecosystems,
the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has threatened to take over protection of Iowa's waterways from the state. A federal investigation shows the state has been lax in requiring that livestock operations follow rules to keep manure out of Iowa's creeks and rivers, ponds and lakes. --AP report posted at KSFY.
South Dakota's GOP-owned Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) is next to be exposed.

Workers' rights seminar scheduled for Gillette: Wyofile.


Duffer said...

Ever get a whiff of Stockade Lake during the Summer? Another dredging would be a waste of time.

Whad'ya do with USFS grazing permits?

larry kurtz said...

You know that I believe domestic livestock should be banned from public ground, Duff. Fuck 'em.

larry kurtz said...

Minnesota to beef up environmental protection: MPR.

Bill Dithmer said...

Belinda and I are, were looking at this place http://www.premieroutdoorproperties.com/viewlisting.php?returnstate=MO&searchstr=state%3DMO&listingid=430 for reasons that are easy to see we call it the Limp Dick Ranch.

Im always doing research on these properties and in the course of doing that research I found this about that perticular five mile stretch of the Thompson River from just inside Iowa to just inside Missouri.

Water Body Segment at a Glance:
County: Harrison
Nearby Cities: Cainsville and
Mount Moriah
Length of impaired
segment: 65 miles
Length of impairment
within segment: 5 miles
Pollutant: Bacteria
Source: Rural Nonpoint Sources
Water Body ID: 0549
Scheduled for TMDL development: 2014
Description of the Problem
Designated beneficial uses of Thompson River
• Livestock and Wildlife Watering
• Protection of Warm Water Aquatic Life
• Protection of Human Health (Fish Consumption)
• Whole Body Contact Recreation – Category B
• Public Drinking Water Supply
• Irrigation

Use that is impaired
• Whole Body Contact Recreation – Category B

• Missouri’s Water Quality Standards at 10 CSR 20-7.031(4)(C) state that the E.coli bacteria
count shall not exceed 126 colonies per 100 milliliters of water (126 col/100 mL) for Category
A and 206 col/100 mL for Category B waters. This count is the geometric mean during the
recreational season (April 1- October 31) in waters designated for whole body contact

Background information and water quality data
The Thompson River begins in Iowa and flows south into Missouri in Harrison County near Akron.
It joins the Grand River in Livingston County. Only five miles of the Thompson River in Harrison County have been identified as impaired.

Limp Dick is right there. I guess we are fucked.

The Blindman

larry kurtz said...

Looks like some beautiful country in another red state, Bill. Pass Creek so bad?

Wonder how close it is to Taunia.

freegan said...



Bill Dithmer said...

Larry there is no place on earth that I would rather live out my life then here on Pass Creek, but it is getting harder and harder to do the things that bring me pleasure here.

I spent all of my nearly sixty years walking nearly every foot of every acre here. I have walked down the middle of both the creeks from one end to the other not just on our 2370 acres but also many miles on either side of our land.

I have raised cattle, trained horses, and bred and trained hundreds of coon and cat dogs all on this ranch. The outdoors has always been my passion. It is as necessary as the blood that runs in my veins and the air that I breath. All these things I did even though I am blind.

But now with my third back surgery and a warning that I could no longer walk on uneven ground or I stand a chance of never walking again, and my eyesight that is continuing to get worse and I had to make a decision. My day is all about walking out on the deck and seeing what I can still see. Listening to the creek running and the fish jumping and the animals that have been here my whole life. And the smells, everything from the coon and mink running on the creek below the deck, to even the low down miserable skunks that try to live under the house once in a while.

All of these things bring back memories that I both love and hate at the same time. I love the fact that I did them, but hate the thought that I will never be able to do them again here. If we sell the ranch fine, if we don't I wont feel to bad about it. The price we ask is fair for what it is, " the very best ranch for its size in western SD."We had plenty of grass this year. How many people can say that? We never ran out of water in a creek that can water the whole ranch. How many people can say that? We continue to get enough hay to keep enough for a couple of years in advance even in this drought. And there's enough gravel under the ground to pay for the ranch if you wanted to dig it up to do so.

If we move that would be fine because maybe I could get passed being pissed off all the time. If we don't I will get over it and learn to live with it.

Three years ago I spent the better part of a year drawing an ecco resort on this damn computer. Luxury suites that are off the grid and green in every way that they could be. Belinda and I would sure like to build that resort but I don't think it would work here on Pass Creek. Who knows maybe it would.

The Blindman

larry kurtz said...

Iowa forced to curb runoff, nitrates are concern: Des Moines Register.