Giago loathes South Dakota...too

South Dakota has failed its people: now ex-pat, Tim Giago tells readers that he hates what his former home has become:
If the majority of Indian voters would become registered as Independents neither the Democrats nor the Republicans would take their votes for granted. For too long the Indian vote was presumed to be in the pocket of the Democrats. As a result the Republican Party never made a real effort to court that vote. --Tim Giago, Huffington Post.
Author Sherman Alexie appeared with host Kerri Miller on Minnesota Public Radio. Alexie is considered a pariah by most in Indian Country, as is Giago.

Statehood for the tribes and Mexico. Rewild the West.


Tom Lawrence said...

Wrong and wrong.
Tim is not an "ex-at." He has a home in the Black Hills and writes about his home state all the time.
He never says in this column he hates SD; he says he feels the two major parties, especially the Democrats, have let Indians down.
Do you have trouble reading or understanding, or are you just posting false information?

larry kurtz said...

Prove me wrong, Tom.

TL said...

Well, I know Tim has a Rapid City home, so your "ex-pat" claim is wrong.
And I can read. Nowhere in the column does he state he hates SD. You are projecting.
I have talked with Tim many times and while he has concerns like anyone, I am sure he does not hate his home state. But unlike you, I will let him speak for himself.
Why do you so detest this state?

larry kurtz said...

I still own property in South Dakota but live in New Mexico, Tom and consider myself an ex-pat because of what the state has become.

Giago: "It is a crying shame that South Dakota legislators should put a law in place that would protect the Catholic Church from lawsuits filed by so many Native Americans who have suffered all of these years from the sexual abuse heaped upon them by a clergy that held them in near inescapable institutions.

Lives were damaged nearly irreparably and someone has to assume the responsibility for these atrocities. Wake up South Dakota; and please do not add to the harm already done." Giago at indianz.

Duffer said...

Solving this problem is truly comparable to solving the problems created by formation of the Israeli State following WWII. Does anyone really believe a solution exists?

If the Sioux are disappointed with the lack of solutions offered by Democratic politicians - they danged sure think less of Republicans, and for good reason.

John Thune may shoot hoops with the homies, but he hasn't done one damned thing (and never will) about transferring deed to some of the Black Hills. It would be political suicide.

Giago, and his Buds, may think threatening Dems may motivate them; but it's all bullshit. We all remember what he did/said to Tom Daschle. How's he like 'Toon?

Other than stand behind wrinkled white rasicsts like Charlie Grasslie and Mitch McConnell - just what the hell has he done?

larry kurtz said...

"The Indian Health Service is pressed to its limits and it is facing heavy financial cuts even though Native Americans on reservations like the Pine Ridge in South Dakota have the shortest life expectancy in America.

The Indian Health Service cannot care for the thousands of Indians it serves if its budget is cut again. We (Indians) are asking those people who care about us to let their Congressmen and women know that many lives are at stake if we lose what little funding we now receive." Giago, HuffPo, 11/5/12.

"The Indian Health Service has done such a poor job that the life expectancy of Native Americans is among the lowest in this country." Giago, HuffPo, 11/26/12

larry kurtz said...

"No, I didn’t vote for Mitt Romney. Now that would have been unthinkable." Giago, indianz, 10/12/12.

larry kurtz said...

Another reason to loathe my home state: ACLU South Dakota has posted Pew Research findings on South Dakota's spiking incarceration rates especially of American Indians, in the news today about religious rights and rites in prisons.

Warning: graphic.