Kristi Noem's pimping of grandma, child paying dividends

South Dakota's large-bottomed US House Representative, Kristi Noem, is getting rich pimping her children and relatives in her campaign videos. She has raised four times more moola than her opponent, Matt Varilek, according to the newspaper hiding her past from voters:
Tony Post, executive director of the South Dakota Republican Party, said he doesn’t see Noem’s gift as very unusual. Republican congressional candidates usually give to support the party, he said, citing $95,000 in donations Sen. John Thune gave to the party in 2010.
But her skills at prostitution are hardly new.

Google searches point at a principal in the FSA group. An email sent to a USDA server was returned as undeliverable. Persons within the Republican campaign circle have allegedly observed intimate contact between Kristi and Jim that is ordinarily reserved for couples.

From the Argus Leader:
Noem's dive into the family operation led to posts agricultural boards - her first steps into politics. She served on the South Dakota Soybean Association board. In 1997, then-Sen. Tom Daschle nominated her to serve on the state board of the Farm Service Agency. That led to an appointment to the board from President Clinton. Noem also attended one of Daschle's leadership camps, which were intended to groom up-and-coming Democrats to compete for local and state offices. 
Noem said she attended when the camps were open to Republicans because she wanted to learn more about campaigning. Noem isn't sure how her name got to Daschle for the FSA appointment. It came when the board was being expanded from three members to five. Regardless, Noem was a Republican serving among Democrats. "I don't know why or how she got on that board," said Mike O'Connor, a former Democratic lawmaker who served as the executive director of the state FSA.
Noem nearly lost in 2010 following revelations of a 20-year driving record fraught with recklessness resulting in numerous arrest warrants for failure to appear.

Millions in farm subsidies apparently negotiated through FSA: evidence of entitlement, solipsism.

Here's one way Noem's surplus changes the game: Minnesota Public Radio aired a report on how her fellow TEA Party whore, Michele Bachmann, used her campaign war chest to bully Republican legislators in her state by threatening to run opponents to them in primaries if they voted against a bill that bans marriage equality.

Democrats=safe sex. Republicans=cheap sex.

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