Friday, April 1, 2011

Bryon Noem considering divorce

A text message inadvertently sent to an anonymous recipient seems to suggest that the husband of South Dakota's flamboyant representative to Congress is experiencing an alienation of affection. As his wife has flown the coop for a high life in Washington, DC, Mr. Noem has been forced to embrace a familiar staff member as a surrogate for the vacant Mrs. Noem.

Some stupid white woman self-identifying as "Kristi Golden" wiped this offensive and culturally insensitive smear on South Dakota's Republican dildo. A respondent named "hayzeus crist" replied with the comment, "Does trysti Kristi Noem to blow 'em?" only to be censored.

Turnabout is foreplay, innit?


Anonymous said...

Is this supposed to be funny? How can you stoop so low?

Concerned educator (woman)

Unknown said...

Boo hoo. Now that she's stopping you socialists form spending everyone else's money you're fighting dirty. Ha ha

larry kurtz said...

She's not doing diddly shit due in large part by us socialists fighting dirty and preventing her from spending South Dakotans' money.

Thanks for coming by, though.

Anonymous said...

Cheating no. But he was talking to a dominatrix at the time (me)