Official ip earth hater veepstakes short list

Marco Rubio brings nothing but controversy. Two governors on a ticket is asinine eliminating Christie, Pawlenty, and Daniels. Rob Portman won't survive the vetting process (Bush's OMB guy? Get real). Paul Ryan is too out of touch with reality. Santorum is a serial loser. Darrell Issa rolled through my mind, Rand Paul did, too: they're both fucking nuts. One of Susana Martinez' top cops just got popped for ignoring a warrant for a traffic violation.

Okay, they're all fucking nuts.

1. John Thune. Perfect foil for Mitt's hairdo.

2. Lisa Murkowski. Think about it.


Kal Lis said...

I don't know Larry; I just can't buy Thune as a serious VP

Thune looks too much like Romney; he's just taller, thinner, an poorer. I think Willard needs a contrast; Thune won't provide it.

Besides, Sarah Palin wants West to name his 81 Communists doesn't she?

larry kurtz said...

It's hard to disagree with you, LK: but he's among the least of the evils and a leading contender for the next go 'round anyway.

larry kurtz said...

More ammo for a safe pick here.