Mormons coming for tribes

At first it seemed like an early cruel April Fool's joke.

Larry EchoHawk, the first American Indian elected to a constitutional statewide office and a Democrat is leaving the Bureau of Indian Affairs to take a position on the Quorum of Seventy inside the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Rob Capriccioso divined the maneuver at Indian Country Today:
LDS leaders have praised Echo Hawk’s move, saying that said his new role shows that the religion is open to Democrats. In a presidential election year when Echo Hawk’s old boss, Obama, will likely square off against GOP frontrunner and popular Mormon Church member Mitt Romney, the politics of the situation will likely take on an added dimension.
The Seventy, of course, are all men and tasked to establish new stakes (parishes).



Anonymous said...

Hmm...looks more like a Tribal member is coming for the Mormons. While I think there is a great deal that is misogynistic and bizarre about the Mormon religion, I have also seen it do a great deal of good for some tribal members. If anything, having someone like Mr. Echo Hawk in the Quorum will hopefully have a positive effect on the LDS church and their often troubled views on race and politics.

larry kurtz said...

LDS is not so much a religion as it is a social contract: probably why there is so much suspicion from Calvinists.

Just seems like another pyramid scheme exacting pounds of flesh while employing tax-exempt status to me.

freegan said...

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Bill Dithmer said...

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Bill Dithmer said...

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Bill Dithmer said...


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The Right Reverand Bill still crazy after all of these years, but no worse then the other preachers in the world.

Not to be confused with PETA, ASPCA, or AARP
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Religion is like the oil in your car. You should check it every six thousand years. If it smells maybe, just maybe its time for a change.

larry kurtz said...

You rock, BlindMan!

D.E. Bishop said...

I want to join the WWCB! Send me a form. I understand that dues are expensive, but I'll find a way.

Count me in!

larry kurtz said...

Tim Giago shares his view on the history of Mormons and the tribes here.