South Dakotans living in chemical toilet, RCJ spins EPA results

The computer boots up...it finds the internet...and opens to the Rapid City Journal obituaries. Lots of deaths from cancer, I'm not there...now the Sioux Falls Argus Leader obituaries, lots of deaths from cancer...I'm not there, either. ip blog stats...not bad.

Twitter, first line: RT @DonEWG. Sioux Falls Argus Leader cubs Cody Winchester and Megan Luther announce:
For the past five years in South Dakota, ethanol plants have been the leading emitters of carcinogens — toxins thought or known to cause cancer — having surpassed plastics manufacturers. Last year, the state’s ethanol industry accounted for 40 percent of all reported carcinogens, down slightly from 44 percent in 2009, according to an Argus Leader analysis of 11 years of the Environmental Protection Agency’s Toxic Release Inventory data.
No shit.

More Ron Paul news.

Minnesota reporting river sediment woes, too.

Is President Obama an academiacrat?

President Obama: move the Black Hills National Forest, the Custer National Forest, and the Nebraska National Forest into the Bureau of Indian Affairs Forestry Division where they will be restored to historic habitats.

Stop the earth haters. Rewild the West.

4:01 PM MDT: The Rapid City Journal catches up to the story and spins it like Miracle Whip. RR, you pimpin' me?


Anonymous said...

Not only are we living in a chemical toilet, but we are down wind and downstream from 3 others: the drilling and mining in ND, MT, and WY. We lost the ability to control our health destiny and our senator and representative want to further empower the serial polluters.


Anonymous said...

Put another way.

larry kurtz said...

Bakken from space.