Invest in an environmental lawyer now

There is copious evidence that coal-fired power plants and oil refineries have laced western watersheds with heavy metals like mercury.

Multinational chemical manufacturers like Koch Industries, Monsanto and Syngenta are enriching the lobbyists that buy off Congress and state legislatures from seeing nonpoint source pollution.

Mining companies contribute by spewing heavy metal laden cyanide salt spray from leach pads and distribute hazardous dusts downwind and downstream.

Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations, or CAFOs and non-organic dairies are pumping antibiotics into watersheds at exceedingly higher ratios disrupting essential fungal communities and poisoning wetlands.

South Dakota tribes: there is plenty of evidence that mercury released by power plants and refineries in Wyoming, Montana, and North Dakota into reservation watersheds has caused devastation to your populations.

If these environmental hazards cross state lines and the offending state does nothing but collect a paycheck, it is incumbent on We the People to regulate them, cite and fine the shit out of the perpetrators, then shut them down if they are serial offenders.

Read the evidence provided by the USGS, EPA, and from our other Defenses Against the Dark Arts who protect the United States from the earth haters that perennially lobby to gut oversight.

If you believe that We the People are too slow at bringing the earth haters to justice, seek out an NGO with ties to the environmental movement, read their accomplishments, and support them with the resources they need to protect our resources.

There is a tiny list in the sidebar of this blog under Manifesto.

Help them to help US. Let's go sue somebody Monday.

Earth First! We'll bring democracy to the other planets later.

Occupy the Courts.

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Anonymous said...

Montana Supreme Court upholds corporate political spending ban!! http://helenair.com/news/local/govt-and-politics/montana-supreme-court-upholds-corporate-political-spending-ban/article_09cd6140-337b-11e1-89f6-001871e3ce6c.html

larry kurtz said...

Thank you, anon; looks like good news for AG Bullock.

Here's the IR story.