Nat Geo: The American Prairie Reserve

Montana's Fish, Wildlife, and Parks has approved wild bison preservation as reported by Matt Golz in the Billings Gazette:
"These majestic animals have played a very significant part in the history, religion and culture of our native people on the Fort Peck reservation," said Fort Peck tribal chairman Floyd Azure. "These bison have sustained our ancestors for thousands of years and they are in need of us of returning the favor. We are here to make sure they will always be here for our children."

Update, 13 Dec:

The Army Corps of Engineers announced that releases from the mainstem dams will continue, not because of pressure from red state politicians, but they want the storage if they are surprised (again) and because there are no resources to rebuild levees to protect the idiots that build in floodways.

President Obama: buy out the idiots, drain the dams, remove them from the face of the earth, and restore the Missouri River Basin to its historic role in healing the water cycle by rewilding the corridor.

Replace the dams with small hydro. Build overflow impoundments for floodwater to fix estuaries, to pump into geothermal generators, provide water for pulp mills that make packaging from beetle-killed trees, and irrigate truck crops.


freegan said...

This video 4 years old but Dr. Paul been sayin the same thing for 30 Years! http://youtu.be/nDQNOVQlz94

larry kurtz said...

Schweitzer orders Feds to stand down on movement of "mongrel" wildlife.

Policies on game fish like rainbow trout that traverse state boundaries and introduced species like ring-necked pheasant must also be revisited.

How US Fish and Wildlife Service can tolerate the pheasant industry is beyond me.

larry kurtz said...

Schweitzer confusing me:

"Gov. Brian Schweitzer said he was concerned the federal agency's actions have allowed animal diseases such as brucellosis and chronic wasting disease to spread across the region.
He also said he wants to halt the transfer of bison to other states from the National Bison Range. The Democratic governor said those bison are "genetically impure mongrels" that should not be used for conservation purposes."

But in accompanying Billings Gazette article it reads:

"However, Schweitzer issued an order Tuesday blocking any fish and wildlife shipments by the Interior Department in Montana. The governor wants the bison to go to the National Bison Range in western Montana."

It's my understanding that the bison in question are genetically pure plains Bison

What up, Gov?

larry kurtz said...

Button Valley Bugle debates bull trout v. lake trout.