Tim Johnson not dead

Novice political watchers stationed inside the chemical toilet are talking trash about the state of the state's senior senator. Apparently, one newcomer believes Tim Johnson won't run again or will be challenged in the Democratic primary:
Much has changed since Johnson won his first statewide campaign in 1986, claiming South Dakota's seat in the House. For two decades, Johnson was a member of a Democratic circle that dominated federal politics in both South Dakota and North Dakota. Democrats routinely controlled five of the six federal offices in the Dakotas and, for a brief period in 2004, all six. Johnson is willing to increase the amount of income subject to Social Security withholding, which is now capped at $110,000. Republicans argue that raising the cap is nothing more than a tax increase. It might leave Johnson vulnerable to charges that he raised taxes.
But, yesterday on Bill Janklow's idea of public radio veteran reporter Kevin Woster set Ellis on a more realistic path to 2014. Senators don't go quietly into the night, Jonathan.

Musing about Senator Johnson's health last night one of my colleagues remarked: "Well, a stroke is certainly one way to stop a politician from talking out of both sides of his mouth."

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Unknown said...

At least not any deader than 87% of Congress.