The earth haters debate

From left to right:

Santorum: If ip was an earth hater he'd be my guy. Smart, conservative, rich, determined war-monger. He won. Not veep material because Pennsylvania is a solidly blue state. Their nominee will be a governor and the GOP needs his Senate seat. This guy is having an affair: expect a prostitute to disappear or wind up in the morgue.

Cain: Over his head. Commerce Secretary candidate maybe. Having an affair, too.

Paul: He's too sane to be a Republican and will continue to be a force deep into the primaries.

Romney: Empty suit. At least one affair.

Bachmann: Empty dress. Veep contender because Minnesota will be a battleground state. Bet she's doing her plastic surgeon, or more probably, her minister.

Pawlenty: Pawlempty. If his wife isn't having an affair, she should be.

Huntsman: Wow, is this guy in the wrong party. Will likely do lousy in the straw poll. Should consider a Cabinet post in the next Obama term, Energy maybe. Bet he's bi-curious.

Gingrich: Clearly the smartest chameleon on the dais.

The FOX format was unfair, biased, sexist, hateful and unprincipled. Perfect for Rick Perry. Surprised he wasn't an analyst.

Blame for budget impasse rests with:
Michele Bachmann 0 (0%)
Mitch McConnell 2 (25%)
Eric Cantor 2 (25%)
Fox News 2 (25%)
Other Republican earth hater 2 (25%)

Update, 1/4/2012:

This post is getting a bunch of traffic because I plowed it into several other blogs. Please indulge a modification on whether Santorum could be veep material: Pennsylvania looks more like a battleground state today than a like solidly blue one.

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