Lost Words: preserving the languages of the West

As Rapid City braces for its next flareup in racial violence this soothing film reaches out to activists anxious to fund support for the preservation of Native languages. RT @REZBOMB. Brian McDermott at KickStarter:
Lost Words, a 60-minute documentary tells the story of Amber, Conrad, Yellow Otter, and S. Neyooxet Greymorning among other Indigenous peoples who are engaged in saving endangered languages. Through them we learn of how language is used to perform ceremonies and to express cultural identity. We also learn of the government push to eradicate American Indian languages and how the traumas experienced affect Indigenous peoples today. Professor Greymorning, a determined and energetic professor, blazed a trail for others who are committed to saving dying languages by contacting Disney Studios and convincing them to rerelease the classic film "Bambi" in the Native American language, Arapaho. Now he continues to fight for language revitalization as he shares his teaching methodology, Accelerated Second Language Acquisition (ASLA), with Indigenous groups around the world.

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