Glacier National Park to be free of glaciers by 2020; 'bunch of racists' now reduced by two

We have been to Glacier National Park twice. We did the hike around Two Medicine Lake where we saw black bears; and, we hiked over breathtaking Siyeh Pass where we nearly walked right up to a fearless flock of mountain goats lounging on a rock bench. We began the hike in shorts in seventy degree weather and put on wind pants and parkas at the summit where it was in the thirties with a howling wind.

RT @grist. According to Stephen P. Nash in a piece for the New York Times, if you want to see glaciers in the park, you'd better hurry and go there:
For now, though, there are still glaciers to be seen. The park’s skein of well-maintained trails traverses every section of its million-plus acres and can accommodate any level of ability, from backpackers to the sheets-and-coverlets crowd. And for those who want to get closer, some serious legwork over steep terrain can put you right next to both the Grinnell and Sperry Glaciers, respectively a day and an overnight’s hike away. There are other glaciers to be glimpsed in the distance during a hike, but they can’t be reached by trails. These are excursions that require ice ax, ropes or crampons: the well-sequestered Pumpelly Glacier, for example, at 8,420 feet, and its close neighbor, the Pumpkin Glacier. Other glaciers are nearer a trail, but still display their remote and frigid glory at some distance, and in a way the craggy surroundings make them even more vivid. I chose the Siyeh Pass Trail because it affords a prolonged, spectacular view of the Sexton Glacier from below.
The Battle at Anamosa and Greenbriar has claimed another casualty. In the mind of a martyr, two for one works.

Update 8/8, 11:23AM from KW's superlative piece in the RCJ:
As members of street-crime squads and North Rapid patrols, they sought not just to arrest but more often to engage, diffuse and deter. They made dozens of stops each week similar to the one they made with Tiger and three companions.
Or, in other words: white guys profiling and shaking down people of color.

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this is an interesting article to read:

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