Friday, August 4, 2017

Today in ecocide: Friday farming FUBARs

Bob Beck is Wyoming Public Media's News Director. Not long ago he began an interview with Senator John Bare Asso (earth hater-WY) asking the question: "Senator, why do you hate the environment?"

A Mother Jones piece tells readers when the GOP began hating the Earth:
According to a new study in the journal Social Science Research, the key change actually began around the year 1991—when the Soviet Union fell. "The conservative movement replaced the 'Red Scare' with a new 'Green Scare' and became increasingly hostile to environmental protection at that time," argues sociologist Aaron McCright of Michigan State University and two colleagues. [Chris Mooney, When Did Republicans Start Hating the Environment?]
Obit: Helen High Hawk-Kills Crow Indian via Bennett County Booster.

Via Tom Lutey eastern Montana welfare farmers hate pallid sturgeon: Billings Gazette.

Via South Dakota Magazine: on this date in 1892 Charles H. Bates placed the last quartzite boundary marker on the spot where ND, SD & MT converge today.

Tong Wang: livestock producers practice destructive continuous grazing via Bill Janklow's idea of public radio.

Largest Dead Zone ever has been created by pollution from ag and developed land runoff in the Mississippi River watershed: Gizmodo.

"If everyone substituted beans for beef, the U.S. could almost meet climate goals:" The Atlantic.

Republican is simply another word for earth hater: Billings Gazette.

Let's see: aerosolized slurry combined with wildfire smoke laden with mercury and other heavy metal oxides. What could go wrong?

Scientists tally the huge environmental impact of feeding meat to our cats and dogs: LA Times.

Humans are weapons of mass destruction: Smithsonian Magazine.

South Dakota beekeeper Adee blames neonicotinoids for colony losses: WNAX.

Dicamba Injury Reported In The Western Corn Belt: WNAX.

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