Monday, August 28, 2017

Today in hypocrisy: SD adds video lootery machines as Noem decries addiction

Pierre is a miniature Albuquerque where money and power come from the addiction to a Breaking Bad video lootery.
The new generation of video lottery terminals now produces more net machine income than the original terminals do, even though nearly twice as many old-style machines are still in the market, according to a South Dakota Lottery official. [Bob Mercer]
The rate of violent crime in South Dakota nearly doubled between 2005 and 2015, according to the FBI. No community – no family – is immune to addiction. [some Kristi Noem staffer]
Dennis Daugaard is Walter White. Marty Jackley is Saul Goodman. Jim Seward is Mike Ehrmantraut. Kevin Schieffer is Gustavo Fring. Tony Venhuizen is Jesse Pinkman. Melody Schopp is Skyler White. Deb Peters is Lydia Rodarte-Quayle. Jeff Sveen is Todd Alquist. Richard Benda is Gale Boetticher. Frank Farrar is Hector Salamanca. Joop Bollen is Declan. Mike Rounds is Ted Beneke. Kristi Noem is Marie Schrader. Nicole Westerhuis is Jane. Scott Westerhuis is Jack Welker. Conner Westerhuis is Drew Sharp. Kathryn Johnson is Gretchen Schwartz. Doyle Estes is Elliot Schwartz.

Pat Powers is Huell Babineaux.

The Division of Criminal Investigation is the Albuquerque Police Department. Stace Nelson is Hank Schrader. Bob Mercer is Gomey.

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