Friday, January 21, 2011

South Dakota-trained Native journalist leading media effort

The Buffalo Post alerts ip to Nez Perce journalist Brian Bull, a former intern and news producer for Bill Janklow's idea of public radio.  He is part of a group hoping to create a Native-themed news section at Huffington Post

Indian County Today reports:

“I think a mainstream media site could feasibly host a Native American section,” said Brian Bull, assistant news editor at Wisconsin Public Radio. “We’re the First Nations… as far as relevancy’s sake, there’s history, politics and financial influence galore within Indian country, which can certainly establish Native people as a relatively small—but significant—demographic.” He noted that there are 565 federally recognized tribes and many state recognized ones with unique and powerful stories to share in every major news-making area.
An on-air interview with a former UN ambassador and South Dakota senator was a laugh out loud moment when Mr. Bull asked his esteemed guest how he'd like to be addressed to which Ambassador McGovern replied, "George."  To listeners' aghast amazement, that's how cub reporter Bull began every question.

Another SDPB/radio alum, Curt Nickisch, is based at WBUR in Boston.


caheidelberger said...

Good man, that Brian! I e-mailed him once and gave him a hard time for consistently not pronouncing the /j/ in front of internal u's in words like secular, particular, and regular. He'd say /SEC-uh-lar/ instead of /SEC-yoo-lar/. I wonder if that was just a dialectical artifact.

larry kurtz said...

Note that Brian's bio at Wisconsin Public Radio doesn't mention the SDPB gig.

Brian said...

Actually Larry, it does. Second paragraph. The way it's read for nearly 7 years. :)

@caheidelberger -- I think I remember your helpful and constructive post. It may be partly dialect (rural Idaho) and may be partly due to the fact I had some severe hearing issues during my early developmental years. But that's no excuse, I'm always striving to do well and I appreciated your input. Hope you're well and keeping warm this winter, it's crazy bitter.

larry kurtz said...

My error, Brian. Guess I was looking at the wrong bio. Will change post to reflect it.