Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Glenn Beck: the Anwar al Awlaki of the Zionist Right?

This is too good.

Who is Jared Loughner's Glenn Beck or Alex Jones?

Amy Goodman interviews one of Beck's targets:


Stan Gibilisco said...

What's she aimin' at?

hipneck said...

The fighting between the dems and reps will crash america and give way to the much bigger picture. We will never be a peaceful nation as long as we send our kid off killing or getting killed. As long as there is profit in killing the greedy will have their paid armies kill. We will never be a peaceful nation playing our violent games and watching the box. We have lost our way. We are separated from nature and peacefulness. All this finger pointing is fuel for the fire! All the while our individual rights are being stripped in the name of safety. It boils down to individual choices, but they must be informed choices that show the true cost!

hipneck said...

by Warren Brush, Quail Springs

All over the world, an ancient way of being has combined its elemental forces with the truths gained in the modern age to spark the fires of a new and imperative revolution. It is a subtle revolution of knowing the story of where all that sustains us comes from, and of honoring those things deeply. This revolution’s power draws from an ancient well of knowing that we as humans, with our opposing thumbs, expansive brains, and the capacity for empathy, are destined to draw from as we become stewards and caretakers of the land, and one another. Weaving our story with that of which sustains us not only empowers us to be revolutionaries in an age of rampant capitalism and its resource and culture eating syndromes, but also allows us to take true responsibility for the impacts of our lives. In its sheer humility, this revolution may be the very humus that is formed under the footsteps of the soldiers of capitalism and imperialism. As they pass unaware of us, our way of being becomes the nutrient from which new life will grow in a time beyond our own.