Sunday, January 16, 2011

Ecocide underway in Black Hills

1/24:  This post has been edited to reflect new information.

The slaughter of cougars in the Black Hills is underway following a decree from the tyrannical, politically-dictated, Republican-manipulated SDGFP as if the introduction of invasive species to wildlands wasn't enough to accelerate trophic cascades on the West.  Removing predators to accommodate the parasitic, chemically-dependent cattle species killing the grasslands and forestlands of western South Dakota is sealing that state's collapse.

It's hardly surprising.  Earth-hatred is endemic among the descendants of religious fundamentalists absconding from the body of law shaping the eastern 19th century US as a response to the perversions of the teachings of Joseph Smith and John Calvin.  They and their disciples extolled the accumulation of wealth as praise to a god that would ultimately end life on Earth anyway.

After wounding a 94-pound female cougar that bled to death overnight, Black Hills resident and trophy hunter, Steve Bulle poses with the result of xenistic felicide.  Bulle reports that GFP appartchiks declared the cougar as not having kittens.

From Kevin Woster's blog Take It Outside:

Bulle’s cat, the 20th mountain lion taken in the 2011 season, came to a FoxPro electronic call shortly before legal shooting hours ended (yeah, right*) last Tuesday. Bulle found a blood trail, but said that since it was getting dark he decided to pick up the trail the next morning. He and a friend followed the trail for about 500 yards early the next morning before they found the cat.
This isn't hunting; it's the sanctioned baiting of a political enemy and dispatching her in cold blood with reckless disregard for the consequences or collateral damage.

There is an alternative to extermination.  Real men shoot dart rifles.

Update from the Rapid City Journal

One mountain lion kitten has been shot and killed during the first two weeks of the 2011 cougar-hunting season, while three other kittens have been rescued for shipment to zoos after their mother was killed by another hunter. It's a seemingly contradictory irony that shows problems in the mountain lion season, Custer veterinarian Sharon Seneczko said Monday. Seneczko, founder and president of the Black Hills Mountain Lion Foundation, praised the state Game, Fish & Parks Department for rescuing three kittens estimated at 3 to 4 months old.
No shit.


hipneck said...

ecocide is happening check out haarp in alaska. google haarp!!!! Could haarp test have something to do with all the dead cows,birds, fish,trees and crazy weather or is it just all "natural causes"??? save you seeds its the new $ just a thought

larry kurtz said...

Yikes, scary stuff!