Slime ball Schoenbeck has Trump virus

Catholicism is hope like gonorrhea is charity. 

Bernie v. Blue Cloud Abbey was one of several cases that ended up before the South Dakota Supreme Court alleging church officials at the time covered up serial sexual abuse taking place at the compound. After helping to broker the sale of the abbey Watertown member of the criminal cult, Lee Schoenbeck, aided by fellow cultist and lobbyist Jeremiah Murphy, forced the South Dakota Legislature to pass laws covering up countless crimes committed by their sect by enacting statutes of limitations.
Schoenbeck said he’s aware of 12 senators who have tested positive for coronavirus. He declined to give names. Representative Linda Duba, a Sioux Falls Democrat, informed House leaders on Christmas Eve that she would participate remotely in the 2021 session until she’s had two doses of the COVID-19 vaccine. In March, Representative Bob Glanzer, a Huron Republican, died of COVID-19. [KELO teevee
In South Dakota at least thirty two members of the Church of the Holy Roman Kiddie Diddlers have been credibly accused of preying on children and vulnerable adults but don't expect suspected incel Jason Ravnsborg, Attorney General and former altar boy to take on both South Dakota Dioceses.

Veteran reporter, Bob Mercer, who wrote the piece for KELO, is also a member of the pederastic Roman church but has never exposed it to journalistic scrutiny.

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