Nemec signals civil lawsuit in death of Joe Boever

Republican South Dakota Attorney General Jason Ravnsborg is an incel and serial lawbreaker having been cited eight times for breaking speed limit laws in five South Dakota counties and in two Iowa counties. In September he struck and killed Joe Boever just west of Highmore then with help from the Hyde Country sheriff who should have arrested Ravnsborg the next day for potential felonies he left the scene. 

This scandal should trigger a long awaited cascade of revelations about the culture of corruption surrounding the Republican establishment in South Dakota but so far it looks like the fix is in. The weapon Ravnsborg used to kill Boever is a 2011 Ford Taurus apparently equipped with an event data recorder (EDR). The car was damaged so badly it had to be towed. 
Sunday, December 12, 2020 will mark the 3 month anniversary of SD Attorney General Jason Ravnsborg running over and killing my cousin Joe Boever as he walked after dark on the shoulder of US14, facing traffic, carrying a flashlight. Maybe we will learn if there will be a charging decision sometime before the end of the year. But the Electoral College has to meet first since Jason Ravnsborg is a Trump presidential elector, the Electoral College will meet and vote on 12-14-2020, until then expect this to be swept under the rug, but time is running out. Ravnsborg might take some sort of reduced plea deal or even avoid charges all together but avoiding a civil suit will be more difficult. [Nick Nemec, Faceberg post
Nemec is a Democratic former legislator and party officer.
Life is cheap in South Dakota, especially if the killer is a high ranking Republican elected official. 12-12-2020 will mark 3 months since Joe Boever was run over and dragged along for 200 feet under Ravnsborg’s car, his body being ground to pieces by the pavement. I have visited the site many times and measured and photographed the blood skid marks made as my cousin Joe’s body was ground up beneath Ravnsborg’s car. [Nemec, blog comment]

Brady Folkens of Brookings died in state custody after a botched diagnosis at the former State Treatment and Rehabilitation (STAR) Academy in a county named for a war criminal on December 21, 2013 then the State of South Dakota’s Office of Risk Management helped to bury the evidence of negligent homicide. After a public outcry the death camp was shuttered and the sprawling property put up for auction. 

No doubt Ravnsborg is enjoying similar cover

More on the investigation from the Rapid City Journal report is linked here.

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