Lujan Grisham wants to legalize

It's the view of this interested party that cannabis growers in New Mexico should be able to market their product like vineyards have tasting rooms and breweries have tap rooms where the customer determines demand for the various strains. The State of New Mexico should offer incentives to tribes, pueblos and others for organic cannabis grown with off-grid sources of electricity and rainwater harvest. Also, all grows and product offered for public sale, including cannabidiol or CBD, should be inspected by the state or tribal authorities. 

Last year the cannabis legalization task force established by New Mexico Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham released details of its discussions to the media. Kelly O’Donnell, an economist and consultant who has studied the market, told participants New Mexico should expect increased tourism especially from red states like Texas and Oklahoma. Now the governor has doubled down.
“Legalizing cannabis would be a net benefit to New Mexico and transform the lives of so many people in this state,” she wrote. “… We can create a huge economic opportunity for New Mexico communities — but I want to make sure we get this right, which is why I’m turning to you for advice.” [Governor asks her supporters for opinions on cannabis legalization]

On Thursday New Approach Montana announced its two legalization measures will appear on that state's ballot.

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