Deadwood mayor at heart of Bendagate scandal endorses Jackley for governor

In 2014 Republican former state lawmaker now Deadwood Mayor Chuck Turbiville fled an economic development post ahead of a lawsuit seeking information about likely criminal activity committed during Mike Rounds' administration.
“It’s been 14 years and over 100 loans totaling several million dollars and have assisted a number of businesses in starting up, growing and keeping the doors open,” Turbiville said. [Black Hills Pioneer]
And, on the same day in April:
Attorneys for Darley Commercial have requested about every document imaginable in connection with 11 South Dakota EB-5 projects, including Northern Beef Packers, a Deadwood casino, a Day County wind farm and a Huron turkey plant. [Scott Waltman, Aberdeen American News]
When construction on the Deadwood Mountain Grand went obscenely over budget the following was heard by a city employee at a photo shoot uttered by Big Kenny Alphin while handing a check for $5M to Mike Gustafson.
This is the last goddamned check I'm going to write to you assholes!
Marty Jackley, a Republican, was appointed Attorney General by Governor Mike Rounds to fill the vacancy left by Larry Long who had been appointed to the Second Judicial Circuit Court.
We're honored to announce the endorsement of Deadwood Mayor and District 31 Representative Chuck Turbiville. [Marty Jackley, Facebook post]
On advice of counsel Mike Rounds won't release the names of his Future Fund cronies because he's shielded by South Dakota's lack of ethics oversight.

Co-inky dink or something else?

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