Neighbor Steve hosts installation at Photo-eye Bookstore

Eight of the geezers were here for breakfast Tuesday bringing fraternity and community news.
Romance is alive on the two-lane highways that meander through the rolling hills and empty deserts of America. There is nothing so satisfying as taking off on the open road, and part of that nostalgic glory lives in the vintage paint and light bulbs of motel signs. Photographer Steve Fitch banks on your attachment to the iconography of Americana in his solo exhibit, American Motel Signs, 1980-2008. Featuring photographs taken around the country, each image includes regional differences (like palm trees or tall cacti) that orient the viewer in the space of our vast nation. [Maria Egolf-Romero]
Steve and his two sons recently took some of his work to an exhibit in Moscow after an invitation from a Russian art outreach program.

Additional topics included Trump's lack of legitimacy, the many failures of Governor Susana Martinez, progress on the casita, the cutting of junipers on the Santo Domingo Pueblo under the PNM power line, new radios for the community internet, Bob and Karen's Winter Solstice party, and the guy trying to salvage the Ratplex: a double wide on top of the hill ravaged by a decade of neglect.

One of our gathering, Terry Asher, walked on in August. His obit is posted here.

Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell will be at the Acoma Pueblo Friday trying to reassure tribal members that they won't be herded into concentration camps if Donald Trump actually becomes President of the United States.

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