Monday, May 21, 2012

Updated with photos: Annular eclipse reportage from the foot of Ortiz Mountain

Life is truly a weird place.

A neighbor has extended an invitation to join him for an eclipse viewing party: one of the authors of Fermilabs operating manual, he is also an amateur astronomer.

In later updates to this post, hopefully to include photos and with his permission, it will be verified that his career history overlaps with Lead's Homestake Lab.

A trip to Home Depot resulted in the purchase of a welding helmet: adapting it to the camera is iffy.

The eclipse is expected to begin around 1830 locally.

Bullseye took place at 1932 MDT. Camera images are too shaky because I forgot the tripod:

Party host, Terry Asher: he left Fermilab before the proposed Homestake neutrino targeting experiment

Sandia Peak

Ortiz Mountains

Terry and Arlen's power plant

damned near the only one in the sky this cloud threatened to obscure the bullseye 

ring of fire moment but stupid settings, new camera and programming: will try to tease out a better view


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