Casita nearing completion

Continued great weather allowed for more elastomeric stucco finish. Took the decking off the portal to let more light inside the building. The plan is to cut it to match the width of the roof steel so it can be more portable and capable of going up as needed for shade during summer months.

Here's a view out the back door facing north.

Click on any image for a better look. Here's the interior stud wall mostly wired, plumbed for water and gas.

Trapezoid and kiva.

View to the south. Progress and more images here.


Duffer said...

looks like you'll stay out of trouble this Winter too! Building shit is fun, eh?

larry kurtz said...

Amazingly, it's still fun and the building looks pretty good. With some luck Our Lady of the Arroyo will let me do another one in the Spring on a property not far from here.