Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Casita getting stuccoed

Front elevation. To prevent rain from penetrating adobes tops of parapet walls are rounded with mesh and are nearly stuccoed. Click on any image for a better look. More here.

Curious creature praying for rain


Duffer said...

See, the thing I don't get is that stucco isn't water-proof. It will absorb moisture.

The saving grace in your environment must be that you don't receive sufficient moisture to "overwhelm" the carrying capacity of the stucco - dehydration takes place before saturation occurs. The building assembly "breathes".

Looks great !

larry kurtz said...

True, stucco is not waterproof but rounding the parapets will drain away moisture. All of the exterior surfaces will get elastomeric paint. The building is very cute but it's more organic than perfect. Are you ready to book a week, Duff?

Duffer said...

get your air bnb ad together and all that and we'll take a look. I don't know how you find the time to build the casita and keep up with all this other stuff.

larry kurtz said...

Creating art is its own reward, Duff. Politics is simply a means to advance my agenda. If the casita builder had his way we'd sell it to Our Lady's old nursing buddy then buy more properties and erect more buildings. Otherwise, this property will be ready for rental by solstice or so. Stay tuned.