Award-winning RCJ cannabis series features Central City pioneer

Media cripple Lee Enterprises has presented its President's Award for News Excellence to a Rapid City Journal series.

The July reports written and photographed mainly by Assistant Managing Editor Chris Huber with able assistance from Seth Tupper examined the debate over therapeutic cannabis in South Dakota.
The series featured on-the-record stories of people who feel compelled to break state law in order to obtain the relief they say marijuana provides them. The judges said the series "offers a very personal look into legal risks of those who use the drug and informative reporting intended to help frame a more intelligent debate on medical marijuana."
Read it all here.

Among the stories is Central City's Brad Morgan, who canvassed Deadwood for signatories to Initiated Measure 24. Brad and this reporter have been friends for twenty years.

His resilience and energy compelled the construction of this template for South Dakota's legislature to consider.

The State of Colorado is hiring a deputy cannabis coordinator.

The Gannett Company should buy Lee Enterprises which owns the Rapid City Journal and 45 other daily newspapers.

Chart of the Week: Momentum Building for Marijuana Legalization Via Ballot Measures


Duffer said...

You noticing your candidate (Hilary) is polling dead-heat status with the entire list of GOP clowns? Looks like Sanders can beat them all - according to the polls. Long way to go - but one wonders if her husband will be able to draw the Independents back to vote for her.

Also see She's far behind any of the clowns in CO - double digits. Obama won CO both times - now it looks like the Dems lose it with her. Can't help but conjure that her lethargy regarding cannabis legalization is hurting her there. I'm sure She'll have some "epiphany" once again and try to save the loss at the last minute - checking which direction the wind is blowing.

This country loses next year to the GOP - there is no doctor for that. Is over man.

larry kurtz said...

America isn't ready for a Jewish president, Duff. It's just that simple.

Duffer said...

Don't disagree . . . . America isn't ready, and never will be, for Hilary either. If Dems can't put up a candidate to beat this group of clowns - the national party will be no more real than South Dux.

That's what I'm saying . . .

larry kurtz said...

Hey, Duff: this was very prescient.