School of Mines president facing federal ethics probe

So, South Dakotans all knew that the School of Mines and Technology was having "a tough time," right?

An Adelstein connection? The new president at Mines is an earth hater who lost to Sen. Tom Udall (D-NM). Even the Daily Caller panned Heather Wilson, a former New Mexico Representative for District 1:
Wilson is everything Americans despise about politicians, regardless of party. A cursory look at her career reveals profligacy, cronyism, abuse of power, lies, cover-ups and a sex scandal. She’s seldom crossed an earmark she hasn’t liked, including the infamous $398 million Bridge to Nowhere. She is a crony of the first order, landing a cushy state job with a $93,000 base salary for her husband Jay Hone.--conservative activist, Yates Walker, The Daily Caller.
The engineering college is saying nothing about a report calling Wilson's agreements with New Mexico labs unusual, "highly irregular," and that lab operators failed to include or enforce invoicing standards required under federal regulations.

Did someone connected with the lab in the former Homestake turn the screws to get her hired?
According to an October 16, 2012 Santa Fe Reporter article she has had numerous consulting contracts with defense contractors, including Sandia Labs beginning in 2009 and up to her Senate campaign in 2012. Moreover, in the past her congressional staff has included Sandia Labs personnel.--Jay Coghlan, Nuclear Watch
Hello. Who got the stimulus funds in New Mexico? Homestake Mining Co. got 10.4 million smackers.

Barbara Waxer left a comment at a South Dakota-based blog:
Along with many others here in New Mexico, we wish you the best in dealing with Heather the Hack. Heather's insouciant homophobia is well known. You'll also love her non-responses to sexual assault on campus. Amazingly, she knew nothing about incidences of sexual assault and harassment in the military, despite having graduated from the Air Force Academy and served on the Armed Services Cmte.
South Dakota: The Land of Infinite Hypocrisy.


David Newquist said...

The selection of Wilson as a university president anywhere is incomprehensible. As Nick Nemec said in the original discussion on that South Dakota-based blog, it says much about the Board of Regents. They could not grasp the concept and purpose of higher education for a minute if you could emulsify it and pump it up their wazoos in liquid form.

In South Dakota higher education is just another economic scheme in which the takers and fakers +line up for their share of the take. During my first semester of teaching at NSU, a regents staff member got a bit tipsy at a party and said the Regents main purpose was to ensure that a live idea or brain cell never survived within the state. And so, it has gone.

larry kurtz said...

It was as if she believed she had entered a kind of witness protection program. None in my New Mexico circle is surprised by these revelations.

Always good to have you, David.

Duffer said...

Monsanto running Brookville . . . and now this piece of shit at Mines; but Doogard and his regents stand behind their decision.

Of course they do, why not? What's the difference between any global dictatorship and what's going on in South Duck?


Eat shit and like it.

Have a nice day - y'all