War criminal stumping for earth haters, Romney

Update, 17:52 MDT, Condi trending at #RomneysurpriseVPguesses

h/t LK:


Wyoming earth haters are raising money with both fists:
Former Vice President Dick Cheney is using his popularity with Republican conservatives to give a boost to Mitt Romney, hosting a fundraiser for the party's likely nominee at a mountain valley resort as well as a private dinner at his Wyoming home. Romney has avoided appearing in public with Cheney or with former President George W. Bush — both are seen as divisive figures by many of the swing voters he needs to win over if he's going to defeat President Barack Obama. --AP, via Billings Gazette
From Wyofile:

U.S. Sen. John Barrasso has a $2.5 million campaign fund that no other Wyoming politician is expected to match in time for the Nov. 6 general election, much less the August 21 primary.
Wyoming kills more workers than nearly every other state and screams very loudly when the feds threaten to withhold pork barrel bucks.

How conservative.

In case you missed this forum piece in the Rapid City Journal: it should scare the shit out of you.


Kal Lis said...

I run through the list of political sinners over the past decade and conclude that W. Bush is dangerously deluded; Newt has the hubris of a protagonist in a Greek tragedy, and John Edwards has a hollow cavity where his soul should be. The differences between them and other politicians are differences of degree not differences of kind.

Cheney, however, is evil whereas the rest are merely venal. The fact that Mitt would use him to raise money instead of spending his own speaks volumes about Mitt's character

larry kurtz said...

Of course, you are right, LK. Looks like Condi is in the thick of it.

Kal Lis said...

This Washington post article gives T- Paw an advantage.

If it's Condi, will the Republicans play this Steve Earle song to introduce her? The irony would be wonderful

larry kurtz said...

Tim Milquetoast: how boring. Thx for the Earle this morning, LK.

larry kurtz said...

Condi out. Thune in? Willard promised an anti-reproductive rights veep.