Noem seeks to lose Bimbo image

A medical professional viewed a multitude of videos with interested party. The following is paraphrased from her assessment of South Dakota Representative Kristi Noem (smart-ass comments are mine):

There is evidence of collagen injections, botox, and JUVÉDERM® (at an approximate cost to taxpayers in the five figures).

Absences in committee meetings might be evidence of some surgery: her hairline has been lowered possibly to mask scarring. There is evidence cryosurgery especially around her lips; and, her gums and teeth show some signs of reconstruction.

She presents with symptoms of Histrionic Personality Disorder (now likely treated at taxpayer expense). Lately, her speech is laconic, measured: as if being she is being treated with psychotropics. She is far less confident in her abilities than she was ( likely the outcome of meeting people towering above her intellectual limitations) At times, it seems as if she is going to crack from the stress.

Her sometimes uncorrected shrillness reveals palling insecurities; but, she can quickly rein in her emotions (again likely from the benefit of extensive coaching and/or therapy at taxpayer expense).

Her handlers are asking Rep. Jesse Jackson, Jr. to resign: maybe it’s time for Rep. Noem consider stepping away, too.

Matt Varilek would do well to start talking amendments to ObamaCare: From Talking Points Memo:
The Congressional Budget Office projects that the Supreme Court’s health care reform decision will leave 3 million people who would have otherwise been covered under the Affordable Care Act without insurance, but will reduce the 10-year price tag of the law by $84 billion. The new projections suggest that the GOP’s recently renewed effort to repeal the entire law would increase 10-year budget deficits by over $100 billion.

Mr. Varilek has yet to win the endorsement of interested party.

Who is second from the right in this photo posted at Mount Blogmore?


grudznick said...

That all sounds most horrible for the young lady.

caheidelberger said...

Let's see some before-and-after photos!