Poll sez TEA movement will accelerate the death of the GOP

Yep. Well over half of ip readers believe that the lunatic fringe is throwing gasoline on the fire already burning in the Big Tent.

This bodes well for Democrats likely to benefit from the schism rattling the Republican Party. In Minnesota, Democrat Mark Dayton is one beneficiary of a nut-jobbery wringing the hands of moderate Republicans.

In South Dakota, Democratic At-large Representative Stephanie Herseth Sandlin has opened a commanding lead over TEA-stained Republican Kristi Noem, who recently "netted the nut nod" from a far-right gun group while the NRA endorsed the Democrat.

Montana's own Inebriate At-large, Denny Rehberg, rabidly courting the Xe wing of the Republican Party, holds a morbidly obese fund-raising advantage over Democratic challenger Dennis McDonald.

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