Sunday, August 5, 2012

Montana family survives attack on civil liberties in South Dakota

You know the drill.

So, interested party got a phone call from Murdo.

A couple of hours previously on I-90 between Box Elder and New Underwood: two bored highway patrol watching thousands of bikers going west to Sturgis for the Rally pulled from the median to intercept a speeding vehicle that had just passed the eastbound freegan family going to Indiana for the funeral of a brother.

While the lead patrolman went after the speeding rig, the second pulled alongside our long-haired family, made eye contact, dropped in behind, turned on his lights, and stopped the Subaru adorned with Ron Paul bumper stickers and Montana plates.

Trooper Bader, shield 73, asked Mr. freegan to join him in the squad car then told him that probable cause was a six-inch crack in the Subaru's windshield. While the otherwise nicely-behaved dog in the back seat of the squad car watched, Bader asked that since Montana has a medical cannabis (cop said "marijuana") law, did Mr. freegan have a card?

After Mr. freegan refused to answer citing his Fifth Amendment rights, Herr Bader announced that he and the weaponized dog would do a walk-around.

While Mr. freegan sat in the squad car, Mrs. freegan and two frightened children watched from the Subaru as cop and dog did their dealio. Mr. freegan watched as the dog then sat down next to the Montana car.

Bader and drug dog returned to the squad car then informed Mr. freegan that the thing had alerted on the Subaru. Knowing there was nothing in the Subaru, Mr. freegan produced a 'one-y' and a small amount of medical cannabis from his person, then repeated his right to possess.

The subsequent questioning of Mrs. freegan elicited similar recitations including her view that South Dakota's state police was harassing her family.

Something apparently got through to Trooper Bader: he issued no ticket for the cracked windshield; but, he cited Mr. freegan for possessing paraphernalia and Mrs. freegan for knowing of the paraphernalia then sent the family on their less-than-merry way.

The freegan family will fight the citations (hopefully from the safety of their own home) and said they will never again return to the chemical toilet.


Duffer said...

One would "wonder", in court, just exactly how this trooper id'd a small windshield crack from that distance/speed.

Our State Supreme Court long ago gave away our 4th Ammendment rights, and enabled jerks like Bader. That is precisely where the blame lies.

Remember, if one is old enough, the days when a traveling automobile offered the same privacy protection as one's home? Now the gestapo is kicking in front doors of homes - often the wrong ones.

Thank you - Supreme Court judges.

I wish these good people the best of luck.

larry kurtz said...

Bill Maher reviewed Doug Fine's new book:

"The “war on drugs” is America’s longest war. It has cost taxpayers $1 trillion in the last 40 years, Fine notes, and it has turned our nation into “the most highly incarcerated society in history.”"

freegan said...

We will be fighting for our rights, especially after the officers could not even follow their own protocols. I cannot say to much but many of our rights were improperly stripped away as we were harassed. If anyone knows of a lawyer in the area please contact Larry or myself. It will probable cost more to get the case thrown out but we gonna fight. We ended up ,at the end of the evening, with a bunch of rough lookin people on Harleys and felt alot safer than being harassed by the thugs our tax dollars pay for. Nothing like being legally robbed.

larry kurtz said...

Looks like your buddy, Bader is still at it: Rapid City Journal.

Best wishes, all.

Francisco Carrera said...

You might try Tom Adams in Deadwood:

(605) 584-2240 (Home Office)

(605) 641-2240 (Cell)