Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Noem flip flops through Dakotafest performance

Omg: what a bloodbath. Democratic US House candidate Matt Varilek reduced placeholder Kristi Noem to a blithering idiot.

She was on defense from her opening remarks all the way to her closer. Her lack of confidence bled through each rehearsed paragraph and was plainly punctuated when she deviated from her script.

Throughout the debate Noem vacillated between her save the farmer at any cost speech to her government is bad rant while barely even batting those mascara-caked lashes.

Even though her trucked-in rooters committed numerous breaches of decorum, Varilek kept his composure and offered his rebuttals with authority. An online Argus Leader poll scored the debate for Varilek 66-30.

South Dakota Representative Kristi Noem co-sponsored a bill, along with more than 200 other members of Congress, including Missouri's Todd Akin, to tighten restrictions on federal funding for abortions.

According to Open Congress: "Noem and Akin have voted together 1420 times on roll call votes since January, 2007 in votes where neither abstained, representing a voting similarity of 92%." Noem entered Congress in 2011.

KTIV's Kristen Johnson quotes Noem after a question about Akin's recent misogynistic comments:
Oh, I think they were tragic, and he really needs to get with his family and make some decision as to his future.
Flip, entitled, and wrong. At this post there has been no mention in Noem's twitter feed or any credible attempt to distance herself from her party's and Akin's despicable ignorance.

Who tweeted this? The post is nearly viral.

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