Monday, August 13, 2012

Romney/Ryan: Sibson, crackers left stranded

What could Southern Talibangelicalistas find to like in a Mormon/HRKD ticket anyway?

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker's minions dropped the ball on Wade Michael Page then Willard Romney selected an untested politician from the state: how conservative.

South Dakota's ultra-theocon, Steve Sibson laments:
The GOP won’t win if they do accept the cease fire. They can’t win if they do. America will lose no matter who wins. This election is irrelevant. Such is the case when pragmatism trumps principles. It is a dog fight, Darwinian survivalism where the one who attracts the most mud loses.
Romney’s LDS and Ryan’s church are two of the biggest NGOs on the planet hiring the best paid lobbyists and employing a myriad; so, gutting the federal budget while allowing those Ponzi schemes to survive is so beyond what the Founders envisioned it leaves nothing to the imagination.

Libertarian Gary Johnson: canvass the South, bud.

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