Sunday, June 26, 2011

Beware the Wyomingization of Montana

h/t Madville Times.

From the new earth haters' manifesto:
The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has proposed a lowering of U.S. ground-level ozone standards. Under the new guidelines, the "primary" standard would be reduced to 60-70 parts per billion (ppb) measured over eight hours, down from the 75 ppb level set in March 2008. Unfortunately, this action lacks scientific justification and there is absolutely no basis for EPA to propose changing the ozone standards promulgated by the EPA Administrator just two years ago. Furthermore, the implementation of these new standards would be economically disastrous to many local economies. Many counties across the country would likely be out of attainment with the new standards, and billions of dollars would be spent by local governments and the private sector across the nation to try to achieve attainment -- all with marginal benefits.
Think Sublette County, Wyoming:
Ozone levels exceeded the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency limit on 13 days in February and March. Preliminary data show ozone levels topped the worst readings in many large U.S. cities all last year.
The Chevron ad is offensive:

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Such an event would not likely be reported by media outside the state.